Frequently Asked Questions

(I just listed the questions I get asked most often. I don't know why people ask them)

1. Are you hacker?

I'm not gonna help you hack your girlfriend's Instagram. And your girlfriend's WhatsApp too.

And I strongly advise against believing someone who claims he can do this and transfer money to him. 95% of such people are scammers.

2. Can you help me become a hacker?

Let's start right now. The most important skill of a hacker is to be able to learn and find answers to all questions on your own. In 2023, the web is full of free cybersecurity tutorials. To get started, try reading Awesome Hacking Resources Github repo

3. Can I hire you? I have X dollars.

No, not at the moment. There are work plans for the coming months.

But I can recommend you my old friend's company that offers customized Due Diligence (DD) services and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations to clients in banking, investment funds, WEB3, and crypto industry

4. I have so many questions about OSINT. Can you be my friend and teach me every day?

I am certainly happy to make new friends. Unfortunately, I just don't have the physical strength to answer all the questions I get asked (and I don't always have the knowledge either). But I know places where you can find a lot of interested OSINT friends who can answer your questions. These are Discord servers: OSINT Editor, Oryon's OSINT Hub, Bellingcat, The OSINTion, TraceLabs, The OSINT Curious Project, OSINT-FR and many others

5. Can you help me find a job related to OSINT and/or cybersecurity?

If I hear about a job vacancy and don't know who to recommend for it, I will tweet about it. But right now, I don't know such a one.

I would advise you to start by creating a Linkedin profile and fill it out with as much detail as possible about your experience and skills.

If you are already an experienced professional, recruiters will most likely write to you themselves. And if you are a beginner, then look for companies that suit you and write to them on Linkedin yourself with requests for internships.

You can also write to the OsintJobs account with this question.

6. Why did you write about tool X? After all, there is a well-known tool XX that does the same thing, but much better?

OSINT tools constantly stop being supported, stop working correctly, or disappear altogether after their developer decided to start a new life and decided that the best first step was to delete Github profile. In addition, often seemingly identical tools can produce very different results.

Therefore, I believe that the more OSINT tools of the same type, the better.

7. How could you not mention tool X in this list (article)? Everyone knows it!!!

Sometimes I intentionally don't mention a tool. For example, if it is a paid tool or I just want to pay more attention to lesser-known tools.

But often I just don't know about some tools or techniques. I learn something new about OSINT every day that I didn't know before. And I get very excited when readers tell me something new in the comments.

8. Will this tool work on Windows?

If it's a Python, NodeJs, Ruby and Go tool, then most likely yes. And for many Linux utilities like grep there are ways to run them on Windows.

But I would still recommend you to try Gitpod (online workspaces based on Ubuntu) or use Virtual Machines with Tsurugi Linux, Kali Linux or Parrot OS. However, you can use any Linux distribution you feel comfortable with.

Also I recommend you to read Linux for OSINT. 21-day course for beginners.

9. Can you promote my OSINT tool? I have X dollars.

If your tool is open source, posted on Github, works at least a little bit, and has at least a little bit of quality README.MD, then I'll write about it for free (maybe not today and not in a separate tweet, but in the list of tools).

If you have a good web service with fully or partially free functionality, then I'll consider writing about it for free too.

After all, one of the main purposes of my account is to support the creators of OSINT tools. I may have occasional promotional projects with big companies (and if I'm lucky, quite soon), but I try to help indie developers for free.

Just because I didn't suddenly make a tweet about your tool or respond to you doesn't mean your tool is bad. Maybe I just missed a post due to inattention, the tool doesn't quite fit thematically with my account, or I was just in a bad mood. Don't take it too seriously.

10. What's your nationality? What's your name? Preferred gender pronouns?

My father is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian. My name is Irina. She/her (average heterosexual woman).