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List of countries, cities, territories and services on the map

Central Business Registry
AfricaVerify people ID in Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa
African Gazettes
Caselaw, legislation and journals
Different datasets collection
UnclaimedProperty Database
Check Medical License
AlaskaPassengers lists
Ancestry: "All Alaska, U.S., Lists of Alien Arrivals, 1906-1956"
AlbaniaCadastral map
Court records
Supreme Court of the Republic of Albania (Civil case)
Supreme Court of the Republic of Albania (Criminal cases)
Yellow/White pages
Albania Yellow/White Pages
Yellow Pages
Business Registry Search
Municipal Property Assesments
AlgeriaBusiness registry
Yellow pages
National Cadaster Map (access by request?)
AntarcticaList of publically available Antarctic datasets (topography, ice velocity, grounding line etc)
Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (REMA)
Antelope ValleyTransport live map
Antigua & BarbudaBusiness registry
ArcticaArctic Traits Database
ArgentinaBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
Argentina White/Yellow Pages
Court Search
Business Search
Public Notary Database
Trademark database
Search Incorporations, Cooperatives, Banks and Insurance Companies
94-th General Assembley Committee Search
ArmeniaCadastral map
Business registry
Court records
Legal information system of Armenia
Yellow Pages
AustraliaStartme Australian OSINT tools list
Cadastral map
Business registry
Transport live map
Passengers lists
Yellow/White pages
Australian White Pages
Australian Yellow Pages
ABN Lookup
Planning Alerts. Property Search
ABN Loookup
Person Lookup Australia
Australian Census Records
Public records search
Birth deaths and marriage records
Licensed Trades
Public Toilets Map
Death notices search (RyersonIndex)
Yellow Pages
Open Politics Database Search
Medical registry
National registry of VET
Australian Capital Territory
Venicle Registration Search
AustriaBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
Austria Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
AzerbaijanBusiness registry
Court records
Azerbaijan electronic courts system
Yellow Pages
BahamasBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
Bahrain Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
BaltimorePassengers lists
Ancestry: "Baltimore, Passenger Lists, 1820-1964"
BangladeshYellow Pages
BarcelonaInteractive Map
BarbadosYellow Pages
BelarusCadastral map
Business registry
Yellow Pages
BelgiumBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
Belgium White Pages
Golden Pages Belgium
Yellow Pages
Infobel Belgium Telephone Directory
Yellow Pages
Look inside the web of connections between companies, individuals and politicians in Belgium
Central Balance Sheet Office Databases (public accounting)
National regisry of translators/interpreters
BelizeBusiness registry
BeninBenin Business Directory
BerlinTransport live map
BelgradPublic transport map
Metro map
National Land Commission Secretariat maps (access by request)Phone directories
Goverment telephones directory #1
Goverment telephone directory #2
KragujevacPublic transport map
NišPublic transport map
UžicePublic transport map
Novi Sad
Public transport map
Yellow/White pages
Bolivia Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBusiness registry
BotswanaBusiness search
National Bank of Arrest Warrants
Court search
People and business search
CPF/CNJP number search
Yellow Pages
BremenPassengers lists
Bremen Passengers List 1920 - 1939
British Columbia
Business Registry Search
Property Assesments
Court search
Dentists license lookup
BC Seacurity License Verification
Court Services Online (CSO) provides access to the public court record including the Provincial Court ticket records and Provincial Court criminal records.
Ministry of development maps (access by request)
BucharestTransport live map
Phone number and adress search
Bulgarian eGOV open portal. Info regarding companies and people
Registryagency. Commercial and non/profit legal entities
Papagal. Retrieves information regarding people and companies
Yellow Pages
Sladur - old and popular dating site
Burkina FasoMaps
Maps of National Observatory of the Territorial Economy
Tourism map from Geomatic Centralization Office
Cabo VerdeYellow PagesPagina Amarales Cabo Verde
Business Search
CameroonCadastral map
Business List
CanadaStartme Canadian osint tools list
White Pages
Free People Search
Find Postal code
Mobile Carier Lookup
Trademarks database
Patents database
Public Records Search
Business registry search
Maps archive
Canadian RCMP Firearms Reference Table
Collection of topographic maps of Canada
Locations of tower sites for each licensed Canadian wireless provider
Canadian Amateur Radio Operator Search
Archives Canada Genealogy and Family History
University Study Programs Search
Necrologs search
Cayman IslandsBusiness registry
Business list
ChadBusiness search
Yellow/White pages
Chile Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
ChinaStartme China Osint tools page
Business registry
Court records
China Judicial Process Information Online
China Jugments Online
Yellow/White pages
China Vista Yellow Pages
China Yellow Pages
WhatChina People Search
Wenshu Court Search
Xinjiang Victims Database
Yellow/White pages
Colombian Yellow Pages
Colombian Business Information/Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
State archive incorporations records
ConnecticutTransport live map
Cook IslandsBusiness registry
ComorosBusiness registry
Comoros licencse business registry
CopenhagenPassengers lists
Copenhagen Police Emigrant protocols (Denmark, up to 1908)
Costa Rica
Yellow/White pages
Costa Rica Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
CroatiaBusiness registry
Yellow Pages
CubaYellow Pages
People search Telegram bot
CuracaoBusiness registry
CyprusCadastral map
Business registry
Legal documents search
White pages
Business search
Czech RespublicBusiness registry
Venicle information
Yellow/White pages
Czech Catalog & Phonebook
National Thesis (research) Registry
Department of State: Division of Corporations
Democratic republic of congoYellow Pages
DenmarkCadastral map
Business registry
Venicle information
Court records

Civil records search Denmark Domstole
Yellow/White pages
Danish Business Directory
Danish Business Directory
Danish Local Search
Danish Yellow Pages
Danish Business Directory
Danish Local Search
Danish Yellow Pages
License place search
DjiboutiBusiness search
DominicaBusiness registry
Dominican RepublicYellow Pages
DuPage CountyUniversal documents (deeds, mortgages, jugment orders, lis pendens etc) search by name, surname address
Yellow/White pages
Ecuador Yellow Pages
Yellow/White pages
Egypt Yellow Pages
El SalvadorYellow Pages
EssexBus routes and timetables
EstoniaCadastral map
Venicle information
Court records
Ministry of Justice of Estonia
Yellow/White pages
Estonia Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
EthiopiaCadastral map
Business registry
Yellow Pages
European UnionSearch and analyse tender data from 33 jurisdictions (28 EU member states, Norway, the EU Institutions, Iceland, Switzerland, Georgia)
EUR-Lex. European Union legal case search
Curia. Case Law search
Business registers – search for a company in the EU
Eurostat database
EC Clinical Trials Register
Enepp database
Faroe IslandsBusiness registry
FijiYellow Pages
FinlandCadastral map
Business registry
Venicle information
Court records
Yellow/White pages
Finland Yellow Pages
Finland Yellow Pages & Phonebook
Finland White Pages
Finland Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
FloridaSearch Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Trademarks
FranceCadastral map
Business registry
Venicle information
Yellow/White pages
French Yellow Pages
Transport live map
Yellow/White pages
French Yellow Pages
Search by 25 millions death notices since 1970 - Companies info
GabonYellow Pages
GalvestonPassengers lists
Galveston Seaport Immigration Database 1844 - 1967
GeorgiaReal Estate Index Search
GeorgiaBusiness registrya>
Yellow Pages
GermanyBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
German Business Directory
Gelbe Seiten Yellow Pages
German Yellow Pages
Business registry
Germany Airfields Database
Phone book/yellow pages
Yellow/White pages
Yellow Pages Ghana
Business search
TIN Verify
Private Security organizations dataset
Yellow/White pages
Greece Yellow Pages
Medical registry
GuatemalaBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
Guatemala Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
GuernseyBusiness registry
GuineaCadastral map
HawaiiPassengers lists "Chinese Passenger Manifests" 1843-1900
Japanese Passenger Manifests" 1843-1900 "Portuguese Passenger Manifests" 1843-1900
Ho Chi Minh CityCadastral map
Yellow/White pages
Honduras Yellow Pages "Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S., Arriving and Departing Passenger and Crew Lists, 1900-1959"
HungaryStart me Hungary osint tools list
Business registry
Court records
National Court Office
White Pages
Hungary OSINT page
IllinoisCorporates search
IndiaBusiness registry
Search by individual tax number (GSTIN)
White Pages
Yellow Pages
Contacts of India people search
Indian Medical Register
IndianaBusiness Search
IndonesiaBusiness registry
Court records
Registrar of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia
Yellow/White pages
Indonesia Yellow Pages
IowaBusiness Search
Yellow/White pages
Iran Yellow Pages
IrelandYellow Pages
National register of BER Accessors
White/Yellow pages
Isle of ManBusiness registry
IsraelBusiness registry
Court records
Supreme court of Israel
Yellow/White pages
Kompass Business Directory
Israel Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
Israel sanctions lists
Israel counterterrorism seizures
Israel crypto seizures
Israel nonprofits database (Hebrew)
ItalyBusiness registry
Venicle information
Yellow/White pages
Italy Yellow Pages
White Pages
License plates info
Ivory CoastCadastral map
Yellow Pages
JamaicaJamaica Yellow Pages
JapanBusiness registry
Court records
Courts in Japan
Yellow/White pages
Japan Yellow Pages
OSINT Japan Github repo
JamaicaPeople search
Jamaica Historical Foundation (search by first/last name)
Jamaica Family Search (genealogy info)
< a href="">National land agency cadastal maps (paid)
Jamaica Historical Foundation Maps Collection
Yellow Pages
FindYellow Jamaica
JerseyBusiness registry
Court records
Jersey Law
JordanYellow Pages
KansasBusiness search
KazakhstanCadastral map
Business registry
Court records
Supreme Court of Kazakhstan
Yellow Page
KeniaCadastral map
KentuckyOnline Venicle Information System
Court case search
Yellow/White pages
Kenya Yellow Pages
Legal cases search
Kenya Business List
KosovoCadastral map
KrakowThe Board of Communal Cemeteries in Krakow
KuwaitYellow Pages
KyrgyzstanBusiness registry
Court records
Entity search
LaosYellow Pages
National enterprise database
LatviaCadastral map
Business registry
Court records
Court Administration of Latvia
LebanonYellow Pages
LesothoYellow Pages
LiberiaCadastral map
Yellow/White pages
Libya Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
Lichteinstein Complete catalog of German-language funeral sermons
Yellow/White pages
Lithuania Yellow Pages
Lithuania Business Directory
Business registry
Geoportal/Cadastral map
LjubljanaFinder of Ljubljana graves
LondonCadastral map
Transport live map
Live London Buses
London Pictures Map (100 000+)
London street trees map
Los AngelesTransport live map
LouisianaSearch Business Filings
Lanf and Marriage records search
Yellow/White pages
Luxembourg White Pages
MadagascarYellow Pages
MaineCorporation search
Registry of deeds
MalawiCadastral map
Yellow Pages
MalaysiaYellow/White pages
Malaysia Yellow Pages
Find trucks
Malaysia Business List
OSINT in Maylasia page
Medical registry
Yellow/White pages
Mali Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
Court records
Search Civil Cases
Yellow Pages
Business Registry Search
Courts search
MarylandPassengers lists
The ark of the dove
MassachusettsPassengers lists
Ancestry: "All Massachusetts, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists, 1820-1963"
VIR Number Lookup Tool
MauritaniaCadastral map
MauritiusBusiness registry
Court records
Supreme Court of Mauritius
Yellow/White pages
Mexico Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
MichiganBusiness search
MinnesotaSearch driver and venicle services
Departament of Labor and Industry search
MississippiBusiness search
MissouriBusiness search
Yellow/White pages
Moldova Yellow Pages
Court records
Mongolia Supreme Court
MontanaLicense lookup
MoroccoBusiness registry
Court records
Morocco Ministry of Justice (Administrative courts)
Morocco Ministry of Justice (Administrative courts of Appeal)
Morocco Ministry of Justice (Commercial courts)
Morocco Ministry of Justice (Commercial courts of Appeal)
Morocco Ministry of Justice (Courts of first instance)
Morocco Ministry of Justice (Courts of appeal)
Yellow/White pages
Morocco White Pages
Yellow Pages
MoscowMoscow region Slazav map (
MozambiqueCadastral map
Mueang Udon Thani
Livestream of 20 main stream area
BBK Traffic Cams
Yellow/White pages
Myanmar Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
NamibiaCadastral map
Yellow Page
NebraskaLicense information system search
Search bills and resolutions
NetherlandsCadastral map
Court records
Yellow/White pages
Netherlands Telephone Directory
Transport live map
Venicle information
White Pages
Genealogy databases
Business registry
Yellow Pages
Awesome Dutch OSINT Github repo
NevadaEntity search
New Brunswick
Business Registry Search
Courts search
New HampshireUnclaimed property search
New JerseyPublic courts search
New MexicoBusiness search
New South Wales
Venicle Registration Search
New YorkCastle Garden Passenger List: 1820 - 1913
Ellis Island Passenger Search database New York 1820 - 1957
Search New York City parking & camera violations
Who owns what in nyc? (Find other buildings your landlord might own)
NYC Language Map
Tax Warrants Search
New ZelandBusiness registry
Transport live map
Yellow/White pages
New Zeland Yellow Pages
Yellow/White pages
Court Records
Decision Finder
District court website
New Zealand Legal Information (courts)
Car Jam (car history)
New Zeland companies office search
Intellectual Property Search
New Zeland Law Society Database
Alcohol Regulatory & Licensing Authority
New Zealand Register of Doctors
Newfounland & Lablador
Business Registry Search
Assessment Search
Yellow/White pages
Nicaragua Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
NigerBusiness search
NigeriaBusiness search
Nigeria Business List
Sex Offenders Database
NiueBusiness registry
North CarolinaBusiness search
North DakotaCourt records search
Business search
North KoreaAccessDPRK 2021 Map
Northern Territory
Venicle Registration Search
Northwest territories
Business Registry Search
NorwayCadastral map
Venicle information
Court records
Court Administration of Norwegia
Business registry
Business registry
Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2

Norwegian Craiglist
National library Newspaper Archive
National Population Registry
Nova Scotia
Business Registry Search
Business Registry Search
OhioBusiness search
OklahomaBusiness search
Court records search
OmanYellow Pages
Transport live map
Municipal property assesments
OregonBusiness search
OttawaDataset of public toilets
Owyhee CountyPublic courts search
PakistanPakistan Business List
PanamaYellow Pages
Papua New GuineaCadastral map
Yellow Pages
ParaguayYellow Pages
PennsylvaniaPublic records search
PeruYellow Pages
PhilippinesPhilippines Business List
PolandCadastral map
Business registry
Court records
Debt search
Yellow Pages
Poland version of OSINT Framework
Sex Offenders Database
OSINT Poland Github repo
PortugalBusiness registry
Yellow Pages
Prince Edwars Island
Business Registry Search
Puerto RicoBusiness search
QatarYellow Pages
Business Registry Search
Provincal Land Registry
Civil Records Registry
Court search
Driver s License Ceck
Venicle Registration Search
Rhode IslandBusiness search
RigaTransport live map
Yellow/White pages
Romania Yellow Pages
Romania Local Search
Legal Documents Search
Companies information search
Yellow Pages 2
Russian FederationCadastral map
Business registry
Venicle information
Court records
State Automated System of the Russian Federation "Justice"
Judicial and regulatory acts of the Russian Federation
Yellow/White pages
Russian Yellow Pages
Jewish Grave Search
Grave Search
Russian Cemetries Database
Memorial Site
Domspravka White Pages

SaveRuData (search in leaks by phone, surname or email)
RwandaYellow pages
Saint LuciaBusiness registry
San MarinoBusiness registry
SantiagoBusiness registry
Business Registry Search
Municipal Property Assesments
Saudi ArabiaYellow Pages
ScotlandPassengers lists
The Scottish Emigration Database 1890 - 1960
Court records
Scottish courts and tribunals (Hight Court)
Scottish courts and tribunals (Court of Session)
Scottish courts and tribunals (Sheriff court)
Scottish courts and tribunals (Sheriff appeal court — criminal)
Scottish courts and tribunals (Sheriff appeal court — civil)
Scottish courts and tribunals (National Personal Injury Judgments)
Scotland Spatialhub Datasets
Search people records
SenegalYellow Pages
SerbiaLarge directory of government (and other) portals
Postal codes list
Large directory of government (and other) portals
Cadastral map
SeoulTransport live map
SeychellesBusiness registry
Sierra LeoneBusiness registry
SingaporeBusiness registry
Yellow/White pages
Singapore White Pages
Singapore Yellow Pages
SlovakiaBusiness registry
Venicle information
Court records
Phone Directory
Registry of Debtors (companies and personal)
Ratings of companies
List of Registries and databases
Yellow/White pages
Slovakia Yellow Pages
Yellow/White pages
Slovakia Yellow Pages
"Pohrebiska" cemetery
Virtual cemetery
Virtual cemetries
Yellow Pages
Yellow/White pages
Slovenia Yellow Pages
South AfricaStartme Investigation tools list
Yellow/White pages
South Africa Yellow Pages
Companies and Intellectual Property Commission search
Caselaw, legislation and journals
OSINT South Africa page
South Australia
Venicle Registration Search
South CarolinaBusiness search
South DakotaBusiness search
South KoreaKorean osint tools collection
Business registry
Yellow/White pages
Korea Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages
Sex Offenders Database
Medium article Korean OSINT Tips
OSINT Korea Github repo
South SudanCadastral map
SouthamptonPassengers lists
Titanic Passengers 1912
SpainCadastral map
Venicle information
Yellow/White pages
Spain Yellow Pages
Companies information search
Mobile operator detector
Directorate General of Traffic
SEC property search engine
Librebor companies database
Sri LankaYellow Pages
SudanYellow pages
SurinameYellow Pages
Yellow/White pages
Sweden Business Finder
Mobile operator information by phone number
Tax information search
Yellow Pages
Offers scans of Swedish newspapers dating from 1884-2022
People search
SwitzerlandCadastral map
Business registry
Yellow/White pages
Switzerland Business Directory
Yellow Pages
Swiss Online Investigation Toolkit
Business registry
Live Webcams
Property Assesments
SyriaYellow Pages
TaiwanYellow PagesBusiness lookup
TajikistanBusiness registry
TallinTransport live map
TanzaniaCadastral map
Yellow Pages
Tanzania Pages
Utalii Directory
Venicle Registration Search
TennesseeBusiness search
TexasTaxable enitity search
Cadastral map
Court records
Department of Bussiness Development
Creden DBD. Search companies by person name
Revenue Departament Service REST ID (get info by tax id number)
Yellow Pages
Awesome Thai OSINT Github repo
TogoCadastral map
Business search
Public Toilets Map
Dataset of street trees
Trinidad and TabagoYellow Pages
Medical registry
TromseTransport live map
TunusiaYellow Pages
TurkeyCadastral map
Court records
Competition Authority
Yellow/White pages
Yellow Pages 2
Courts search
Trade registry
Official association registry
Foundation registry
NGO database (unofficial)
TurkuTransport live map
UgandaCadastral map
Yellow/White pages
Uganda Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages 2
UkraineCadastral map
Transport live map
Court records
Unified Contact Center of the Judiciary of Ukraine
Unified state register of court decisions
Yellow/White pages
Ukraine Yellow Pages
Grave search
Jewish Grave Search
OSINTUkraine: OSINT tools to archive, document and debunk the Russian War against Ukraine
Mirotvoretz. Database of people who have committed crimes against Ukraine s national security (citizens of Belarus, Russia and other countries).
Ukraine 2022 Geoint archives
Holodomor Victmims Database (genealogical search)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)OBD Memorial
United Arabic Emirates
White Pages
Yellow Pages
United KingdomBusiness registry
Transport live map
Passengers lists
Leaving UK 1890-1960
Global Stories: passengers and crew of SS Great Britain
Venicle information
Yellow/White pages
UK Business Directory
UK Online Business Directory
Business Directory
UK Phone Book
Census Data Online
Grave Stone Photos
List of convicted sex offenders phone directory
Legislation search
Medical registry
OSINT United Kingdom resources pages
United StatesCadastral map
Passengers lists
Venicle information
Court records (564 million USA Court Cases
Yellow/White pages
Yellow Pages
Internet Phone Book
US Yellow Pages
Office and other commercial buildings floor plans
Map shows the locations of critical energy facilities in the U.S
FCC License Search
American Archive of Public Boradcasting
US National Archives Resources for Genealogists
National Sex Offenders Database
USA Wind Interactive Map
US Military records database
Historical Aerials Viewer
UruguayYellow Pages
Investor Service Directory Company Search
UtahBusiness search
UzbekistanBusiness registry
Court records
Supreme court of the Respublic of Uzbekistan (Criminal cases)
Supreme court of the Respublic of Uzbekistan (Economic cases)
Supreme court of the Respublic of Uzbekistan (Administrative cases)
Supreme court of the Respublic of Uzbekistan (Civil cases)
Yellow Pages
VancouverDataset of street trees
Dataset of public toilets
Vatican CityMaps
Vatican City Interactive Map
Yellow/White pages
Venezuela Yellow Pages
VermontBusiness search
Venicle Registration Search
VietnamBusiness registry
VilniusTransport live map
VirginiaBusiness search
WashingtonCriminal courts search
Business search
West VirginiaBusiness search
Western Australia
Venicle Registration Search
WisconsinPublic case search
Business search
WyomingBusiness search
YemenYellow Pages
Interactive Memorial Map
Business Registry Search
ZagrebZagreb City Cemetry
ZambiaCadastral map
Business reqistryZambia Business Directory
ZimbabweYellow Pages
ZurichLicense plates search